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Road cycling for beginners.

The most appealing part of road cycling is that it can be done anywhere, you can cycle along the costal routes and have beautiful landscapes to view going with other cycling buddies and spending the entire day cycling around the countryside can be an enjoyable experience. Perhaps when starting out for the first time you might want to cycle around your local parks and do a few short trips to places you know well, its a good way to gain experience if you haven’t been on a bike before or not for a very long time. Another great advantage of cycling is that it can help with different levels of fitness, at the beginning it can be tough on your legs and bottom so i would recommend checking what sort of extra padding is available for your seat. As you continue with your cycling your fitness will improve and your legs will get stronger.

Who can I go road cycling with.

Going cycling on your own can be enjoyable as it gives you some time to yourself, although having other cyclist out along with you for company is a good idea as they will be able to help you if you have any issues with your bike jurying your journey. Joining a cycle club is a great way to meet like minded people who love to cycle and can help you improve your cycling skills and to challenge yourself. Budding up with someone who is joining for the first time will help you both progress at the same level, you will receive plenty of help from the more experienced cyclists.

How to do meet ups.

Meeting up with cyclist is a great way to get tips and plan regular rides with a mix of abilities and they are free to join and a nice social thing to do. There are also lots of APPS you can choose from and see when other local clubs are planning a ride, or maybe you could look for a new cycling route to discover.

 Can I take a bike on a plane.

If your looking to explore other countries around the world most airlines will let you take your bike, a lot of cyclist enjoy travelling to other countries for a totally different experience on different roads and tracks. You need to check with the airline to see if they allow bikes on board, take note of the weight and dimension of your bike so you don’t incur extra costs, also make sure your bike is well packed maybe in bubble wrap or something else.

 Making your cycling experience enjoyable.

Cycling is very popular across the world as more people are enjoying the freedom that you have when your on you bike, its also a good way of getting fit, many of my friends and family have taken up cycling and have got involved with cycling clubs which has helped us all to be more confident on are bikes and to enjoy tracking around the countryside at the weekends.

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